Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Getting pelted on Aiguille Extra

Aiguille Extra in 2008. We got hammered with hail early in the afternoon about 2/3 up the route. A mildly unpleasant bail followed.

Trip: Aiguille Extra IV 5.10 - E. Face
Date: 8/1/2007
Trip Report:Several needles south of Whitney lies Aiguille Extra. (Just right of center)
rh turned me onto this. He had one day to do it and had none of his usual partners. So Wed found us on the approach and arriving at the base around 8:30 AM.
The route was alternately stellar and chossy and eventually we wound up at the crux pitch 2/3 of the way up.
Unfortunately at that time the skies opened up dumping lots of hail. It became serious quickly. Above the roof a retreat was called.
As luck would have it, the weather improved as soon as we committed to descent. Things weren't perfect on the descent but we are both alive. As my partner put, "A great adventure".