Just an ordinary guy and gal. Doug and Joannie, chronicling some of our adventures as we go. Some of Doug's old climbing reports will be added as time, memory and motivation unite. You can also check out Doug's Instagram.

Doug also builds mountain bike wheel sets by hand and usually has a set or two available for purchase on our wheel building page here. Feel free to contact us for any special build you'd like information about.

Contact information:
via email: whlorders@gmail.com

Please allow for the fact that we may be out on an adventure and may not get back to you instantaneously.  :)

Thanks - Doug


  1. Hi Doug, Milt here, I'm the guy who chatted briefly with you last weekend when you were riding out of Striped Butte, and remembered your name from the record in the geologist cabin. I hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd see if you were publishing anything online about your trips and came across your blog. It's interesting, inspiring, and helpful. Your comments about using GAIA are very helpful to me. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope to be rolling through Gholer Wash myself soon. Milt Rayford.

    1. Hey Milt! Awesome you found my site. I'll have a write of the trip up soon. A couple days later we both rode up toward Steel Pass for a few miles from Eureka Dunes. I'm glad you found my navigation page useful. Please keep in touch! BTW, hope you got some good eclipse shots.