Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bike Rafting the Lower Owens River 4/26/2014

After fussing with a couple days of non-optimal weather we decided to head down to Bishop for our first bike rafting experience. A super mellow, fit for prime time learning trip. We put in at the Poleta bridge and after a suprisingly long float, took out at Warm Springs bridge, saddled up and rode eastside road back to our vehicle. The birds were out in force and unfortunately so were the ticks. We all managed to pick up some of the nasty little hitch hikers.

After floating on Saturday the plan was to do some climbing at ORG on Sunday. Upon awakening that morning however, the beastly winds quickly changed my mind. We opted instead to go check out the nearby petroglyphs and take the backroads home since Joannie had to work on Monday.

What follows are some images of the float and exploration.

Inflating Alpacka Packrafts

Rafts about ready

Taking out and packing for the ride back

The video

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