Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Central Oregon and California's Lost Coast

A trip to Oregon and a short stay on the Lost Coast area of Northern California gave us an opportunity to not only hit the mountain bike trails around Bend, but also do some rock climbing at Smith Rock, paddling off the cascade lakes highway and finally, riding the Paradise Royale trail near Shelter Cove. Gotta find a good way to load/unload kayaks on the camper. As it was we had a great time paddling our Alpacka's around the various lakes of the Cascade Lakes highway. We didn't get to all of them. We plan to return to both areas.

The Video tells the story

Joannie also did a short mud run (Kiss Me Dirty) with Betty, my brothers wife while visiting my brother and mom in Eugene. They had to drive up to Portland for the run. Gary played chauffeur while I stayed in Eugene. The girls returned still laughing over the whole episode.

Great fun, Great trip!

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