Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter Triple Play Feb. 2014

I felt the need to get away to climb some ice. I thought of a quick road trip, maybe visit the ice festival in Ouray. Then I started thinking more clearly. I texted Joannie with a simple message. "Want to go to Ouray?" I really wasn't sure what the response would be this time, moments later "YES!!!"

So as nearly all my initial plans tend to do, the scope grew in size and enthusiasm until we had about a 10 day agenda which included ice climbing in Ouray, (of course NOT during the festival) skiing in Telluride and mountain biking in either Fruita or Moab. The time came and we were off!
Traversing the frozen Nevada desert
Thawing out in Moab at the Slickrock trailhead.
A day and a half from the house and we arrived in Ouray!
Box Canyon Lodge, highly recommend!
Ah! decisions, decisions!

I guess ice season is somewhat fixed. We happen to be there at the same time as a climbing buddy from years ago and his lovely daughter.
Mark & Jessica
 And then we met some other folks we knew indirectly!
Joannie with Janet, Deb and Heather

Joannie, pickin' and grinin'

Leading some lame WI3-
Then it was off for a day of epic conditions at Telluride!
Since we knew where he was going, we prayed for his safe arrival!

Well my skiing has suffered greatly over the last couple years of not skiing. We decided another day of ice climbing was in order!
I did some rope soloing and Joannie pounded out a couple laps.

When we came through Fruita and Moab there was snow all on the north facing slopes. We figured the storm that had blown through since hadn't improved things. We looked at options, and it was off to Vegas baby!! A solid days drive and we were "camped" at NYNY Hotel & Casino. We had never ridden Bootleg Cyn before. It proved to be a fun venue.

The video