Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bear Creek Spire. NE ridge solo

Thursday 8/13/2015 The alarm went off at 5am.

I took Joannie up this route in 1985. For that excursion we backpacked into Treasure lakes. On day 2 we summitted and returned to camp. Day three we hiked out. This time, Joannie decided to stay with Topaz and go hiking and for me, it was a car to car in 9 hr day trip. A really fun route with one other party behind me.

As I hiked up Little Lakes Valley the sun illuminated the high peaks surrounding the valley, including my goal for the day, Bear Creek Spire. Bear Creek Spire is one of the best peaks in the whole of the Sierra. As I came up to Dade Lake, there was a party camped there. They would be the ones following me up the ridge by an hour or so. The route is relatively simple but very fun especially the upper half as it is pretty sustained. Good class 4 scrambling and perhaps a bit harder as it merges into the N. Arete near the top of the climb. I've climbed the peak several times but still fuddled around near the summit unlocking the final 100 ft or so. Once on the summit block I realized I had forgot both my camera and turning the GoPro on. So I downclimbed to my pack, grabbed the camera, turned on the GoPro and did it all again.

The following day Joannie and I were off to shred trails at Mammoth for the final time of the season. Last chance to train up before meeting our Canadian friends in Squamish B.C. for an eventful Canadian biking adventure.

The Video

Sunrise over Little Lakes Valley

The route followes the foreground ridge curving down from the summit

Looking down on Dade Lake

Perched on the small summit block looking down on Dade and Treasure Lakes

Lake Italy. Seven Gables and its magnificent sub-peak, background left.

Merriam, Royce and Feather Peak middle distance.

From my pack location looking at the route to the summit. Note the orange dihedral.

The summit route runs from a ledge at the sun/shadow line up left into the crack leading to the orange dihedral. Easy hand traverse goes under the orange dihedral up into the blocky ground just under the summit block on he right.

The magnificent N. Arete from the descent. An uber fun solo from a few years back.

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