Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ringpin Canyon. A short canyoneering, packrafting loop.

Dec 2015 - Doug & Joannie.
We were spending another few days in Vegas, both adventuring and as much partying as us old folk could handle. (Not much). After trying my knew bike the day before, I wanted to complete this canyon and packrafting loop.

First ride on the new ride
So we went to our breakfast spot and had coffee and a pastry and generally just did not get in a hurry.
Getting to the trailhead around 11AM, we started the approach which went up and over a small ridge, then traversed some loose scree before cresting another ridge and dropping into the upper reaches that drains down into Ringpin canyon. Easy down climbs led into some narrows and the first short rappel. There was still water holding at the bottom of this rappel which we avoided. Eventually lower in the canyon we were unable to avoid the shin deep water. The beta I had indicated 4 rappels but I guess we down climbed one (I think the last) because we only did three. Joannie had some trouble with the last down climb and the usual hilarity ensued.
Joannie- "I don't have anything to hold onto"
Doug - "Just let go. I have your feet and you can just slide on down"
Joannie - "Arghh! This sucks! Arghh!"
Doug - "Just let GO!"
Joannie - "Noooooo"
Doug - "LET GO or I'm going to pull you down!"
Joannie - "Don't you...you can't, THAT'S NOT VERY NICE!!"
Doug - (Laughing hysterically)
To be fair, it was a bit tricky and slick.

Down safely we reached the Colorado river and faced a short paddle back up to our exit canyon. The water was serenely calm and though it was about 3 by now, we were in no hurry. We took out at the mouth of Crane's Nest canyon and had a nice, very short hike back up to the truck arriving about 4pm. All in all a nice, short outing.

Rugged territory

Desert Bighorn sheep

The slick downclimb

Near canyon's end

Show up and blow up. I confess I stole the phrase, presumably from Luc Mehl, but its so fitting!

Back in hiking mode at Crane's Nest canyon


View from our bivy.

A good day deserves a big beer!

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