Monday, April 27, 2015

Sun, Wind, Rain and Snow. Spring on the Colorado Plateau 2015

The original plan was centered around a biking approach, followed by a technical canyon descent to the Green River, then packraft several days to a little used escape up two mile canyon to our awaiting vehicle at the canyon rim. For various reasons it didn't quite work out that way. What we did accomplish was technical mountain bike trails in Moab, an overnight backpack, free riding the slick rock at Keg Knoll, discovering (for ourselves) the outlaw cave of Bill Tibbetts and Tom Perkins. Then a number of slot canyons, mostly non-technical. Read about Bill Tibbets here.

We encountered the four seasons on this one outing, in all a great adventure.
The pictures below are arranged chronologically, unless I failed. Well either way you'll get the idea.

Moab brand trails

Sovereign trail - recommended

Slickrock trail - high winds

Camp near Moosnshine Wash

Lot's of slickrock free riding near Keg Knoll

It doesn't get any better...!

Pearl Biddlecome-Baker. Robber's Roost Spring

Fossilized dinosaur bones

Fossilized dinosaur bones

A Pack that walks

Thunderstorm respite

Overlooking the rappel

I am the super stealth ninja dog

Heading to 5 Window Arch

Hard to find a parking place

Green River country

The Arch

Bill Tibbetts outlaw cave

An arch at the south end of Keg Knoll

A slot we call "Now You Know"

Spooky slot

My Angel

Peek-a-boo slot

Just like the old days of jumping crevasses

Robert Leroy Parker's (Butch Cassidy) childhood home, Circleville, Utah