Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ice Climbing 2016

Superbowl weekend in Ouray! Thursday evening we stayed in the awesome 1929 "Hotel Nevada" in Ely. As long as you scale your expectations it is a really great place in an old historical way. Each floor was themed with old photographs and antique tools.

We arrived in Ouray Friday evening, climbed in the 'New Funtier' area saturday, drove Red Mountain Pass Sunday morning. Drank altogether too much Sunday evening while watching the game at Ouray Brewery. Climbed again in New Funtier and the 'Schoolroom' Monday and left town Tuesday am. On the way home we spent another fun night in the Hotel Nevada.

We met some wonderful folks that we knew through social websites. We also met some new friends serendipitously that we had other friends in common. It was once again a stellar time!

Joannie pickin her way up New Funtier

Ice cam shot

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