Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Costa Rica!

Nov, 2016
I have an idea!?!  Let's got to Costa Rica!!

It occurred to me that election day (we voted early) would be far better spent trying to escape the madness. Two weeks later we were on a plane to San Jose Costa Rica. We got a great deal on flight and hotel. But be warned, Costa Rica is not cheap. We spent as much there on a daily basis as we would at any US resort destination.

We stayed at the Doubletree Cariari in San Jose and took day trips from there. If we go back we'll stay longer and move around to different areas to stay several nights. As it was, the Doubletree was a very nice place and the staff was exceptional.

We were picked up in the hotel lobby each day for our tours which included zip lining several times, a river tour, horseback ride, Arenal Volcano and the wonderful Tabacon hot springs. We never made it the Pacific side of the country as all the tours we did were in the North and East areas of the country.

Pre- flight..

The Hotel
Well, not actually the hotel but just around the corner

Rainforest zip line

Fer de Lance. Deadly

River Tour
Local crossing the river on a cable

Iguana. We saw them over 100 ft up in the trees

Caiman on a log in the river

Slider Turtle


Group zip lining overhead while we rode Horses

Happy zippers

Orb Weaver spider

If spiders freak you out you maybe shouldn't watch this video

Cloud Forest zip line
Helmeted Iguana

Joannie on the Tarzan swing

Why not go one more time?!

Superman! (woman)

Arenal Volcano

Eyelash Pit Viper in the trees

Tabacon Hot Springs


See ya' next time!

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