Monday, December 5, 2016

3 Bikes And A Boat

A quick blast down to Vegas and Hurricane Utah. A week solo, then picked up Joannie at the Vegas airport and spent another week. Adventures were fat rafting Lake Mead, riding Bootleg Canyon and Gooseberry Mesa, a day at Red Rock and riding Cottonwood Valley -North (Mustang). The biggest challenge was getting my truck packed with 3 bikes, camping gear, climbing gear, canyon gear and paddle gear.


  1. So you have any info or websites for trails that lead to and from the water that you bike/paddled? I've been meaning to get out there for a full days fun. Thanks, Steve

    1. I used Boathouse Cove rd. for access. Bird and Hike has comprehensive coverage of the area with back roads and hiking routes. Go to my home page and scroll down to 'more interesting sites' on the right margin. There is a link to that site. Be sure to check the biking regs on the Lake Mead NRA website.