Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bikepacking Nevada

June 2017
Let me preface this by admitting the original plan was to go all the way to Bishop. I bailed about halfway due to the predicted heat wave approaching. It's nice to live where you can take off on an exploration via bike directly from your house. So that's what I did. Over the mountains and though the valley, along the way I learned a few things.

Its always easy until you start. Train a little more before spending long days in the saddle. Your butt will thank you.

Its BIG open country out there.

Country stores rock!

Be prepared to ride from dawn to dusk. Stopping early kinda sucks.

 I used at least half again more water than I normally would.

Enjoy the little things.

But never forget they're out to get you. 😁

I rode for 2.5 days and covered about 110 miles with about 7,500 ft of elevation gain. Temps started in the mid 70's and rose to the mid 80's. I rode the first day until about 7pm. The second day I made camp a little early because I was tired and found shade. I spent the rest of the afternoon hiding from the sun, not ideal. I was finished by around 11am on the 3rd day. It was the beginning of a serious heat wave. 100+ temps were expected in a couple more days. Joannie was kind enough to come pick me up before that happened. A good experience for planning longer trips.

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