Monday, January 30, 2017

Lee Vining Ice 2017

Feb/March 2017
Lee Vining with Dave. Dave rope gunned for me all day. We got a couple rare routes in the Narrows then jumped on Heel Toe on the Main Wall. Excellent route!

 Red dot up top is Dave for a little scale

I made it to Lee Vining again on the first day of March. I took Val for his first day of ice climbing and he had to borrow boots, crampons and Technical tools. It would appear as if he is hooked as he spent the next several days on Ebay scooping up gear. Sometime in the last storm cycle avalanches had swept the canyon from side to side through the narrows, a real wake up to the avy potential of the canyon. We didn't do any hard climbs containing ourselves to the Chouinard wall. But after leading up the first route, and running laps, I just moved the top rope from anchor to anchor so we were able to do multiple routes.

 Val in front of the Main Wall

The Bard Harrington Wall

 Avalanche debris

Friday, January 27, 2017

Back At The Climbing Gym

Rain, mud in spades. Let's go to the gym.