Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring 2017 - Canyons and Bikes

April/May 2017
Time to get back to the Colorado plateau! Nothing epic here. Just good Type 1 fun.

So if you're already bored here's some cliff notes.

We started off with another few days near St George where we rode Wire Mesa and Gooseberry Mesa. Both Excellent!! Joannie was trying out her E*13, 1x11 conversion for the first time. It was declared a great success! 😃

Petrified wood logs

From St George we hopped over to the Bryce canyon area and rode the exquisite Thunder Mountain trail. Incredibly scenic with some legit tech on the switchbacks coming off the top. I will definitely ride this one again!

Next up was the San Rafael Swell south of I-70. We hiked Chute Canyon and planned to go do Little Wildhorse canyon. Unfortunately when we arrived at the trailhead it was just too much of a zoo for our tastes so we headed out to Robber's Roost. We'll come back for that one and some others at a less busy time.

We camped at one of our previous remote campsites near Moonshine wash and the next day we hiked the awesome Moonshine Wash slot. Our second time doing it.

The fun and craziness that is Moab! We rode all the Horsethief area trails. These trails are highly scenic and enjoyable intermediate along the lines of Mag 7. Then I rode Hymasa - Captain Ahab... in the rain. Great trail, rode it a bit timidly in the rain (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) but only walked a couple sections.

By now we were out of time and had to get back. Next up Joannie's 60th birthday trip!

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