Thursday, October 22, 2015

Canyoneering/Packrafting Loop on the Green River

10/5/2015 The Lonliest Highway in America. Moniker for hwy 50 across central Nevada.
With the cancellation of some other plans due to August's injury, I made a speedy recovery so I could make this trip happen before it got cold. At the last minute I invited my friend Jeff who was "intrigued" enough to come along. I drove out with all our gear and picked up Jeff at the Grand Junction airport. We stopped for groceries and dinner then drove out Green River road for the night.

The following morning we packed our packs, stashed the truck at the top of Two Mile canyon and rode our mountain bikes back to the head of Three canyon, stashed them, and headed down. A few canyon miles, ~30 river miles, then a few more canyon miles and the retrieval process commenced.

A very fun and relaxed trip. A couple overnights enroute. We even had time for a little biking in Moab before Jeff's return flight. As for me, I stayed in Utah another week poking around for future adventures!

The story in pictures and video:

Photo by Jeff

Setting up rappel. Photo by Jeff

Photo by Jeff

photo by Jeff

Photo by Jeff

Photo by Jeff

Camped about mid canyon, cuz we could. Photo by Jeff

Sand bar camp
Settled river water a couple hours before pumping. Needed longer. Photo by Jeff

Photo by Jeff

Sunrise and moonrise nearly simultaneously.

More inscriptions

Photo by Jeff

The Green River Towers. Yes they've been climbed.

Just starting up Two Mile canyon to exit.

Photo by Jeff

Click to see 5 window Arch on canyon rim.

Photo by Jeff

Approaching the truck. Photo by Jeff

Bike retrieval. Photo by Jeff

And I'll leave you with this.

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